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Requirements & Solutions for Carriers

In addition to conventional solutions GEMAXX Communications promotes the utilization of VoIP technology. In addition, GEMAXX Communications flat rate packages for call shops and also sets itself apart from other companies from through this.

Content products enable smaller companies to create their own brands, thereby fully exploit the technical infrastructure of GEMAXX Communications.

You are looking for a highly flexible business model for the distribution of telecommunications services on domestic and foreign markets? We offer customized solutions as an application service provider.

As a user of our ASP solution you will save high investment costs and may include the following services and benefits quickly and flexibly to market under your name:

  • Termination via VoIP or preselection

  • Own customer routing

  • Callback-Services

  • Calling Cards

  • Call Shop Solutions

  • Content Solutions

As a hosting partner you can own your customized telecom products to create, where your rates and benefits - define itself - and therefore your profits.

You can carry your minutes shopping itself, independently routes and get the best prices from all connected carriers.

GEMAXX Communications provides you the technology and the know-how, without having to make large investments. The prices are determined in advance clear. One-time entry fee and hosting charges if desired for the White Label version.

As a hosting partner you get a separate area, your own domain, your own templates and a separate database on the GEMAXX CMS web Database, so you can build your own business under your own brand and then expand.

In designing of your business model, we support you with our experience and statistical analysis, gladly in an advisory capacity - because your success is our success!


Call Back

  • Dial-in over 0800, local number, or fix assigned dial-in number with direct Interconnection

  • Billing via accounts or via calling card

Call Through

  • EinwahlDial-in over 0800, local number.

  • AbrechnungBilling via accounts or via calling card

  • Multi-layered setting, price and Conference Facilities

Calling Cards

  • Prepayment for Call Through and Call Back, etc.

Call Shop Solutions

  • Connection via VoIP or ISDN (call by call, preselection) or via Freecall 0800

  • Different software versions available for billing in the Call Shop

VoIP Solutions

  • Connection of individual, business customers and call shops and Carrier

Number Management

  • Management of CLI's at supply through PSTN

  • Award of OnNet numbers etc.

Content Solutions

  • Support for Operations Business (Call-Service) We apply your calls from customers, we routes Account Manage etc.

  • Whitelabel (Your own CMS access, logo and templates etc.)

  • Information Services

  • Premium numbers Contents (Competitions, entertainment, etc.)

Online Calling- & Cash Card

  • More than 100 phone cards online available.


Account Management
  • Customer Management

  • Creation of customer accounts

  • Monitor payments, Automatic Postings

  • Create invoices, online billing function

  • Hot-billing of all processes

  • Manage user rights
Controlling Modules
  • statistical functions

  • quality statistics

  • Timely margin calculation

  • Price & margin control

  • Agent & commission management
  • routing management

  • Customer specific routings
Support Management
  • Journal & Ticket System



  • SIP, H323, IAX

  • For Callshops, Business customers, end users, Carriers etc.

Callthrough & Callback

  • 0800, 00800, geographical numbers

  • For Call Through, Call Back, Calling Cards etc.


  • Preselection, Call by Call (01028, 01079)

  • For Callshops, Business customers, end users etc.


  • Mobile Connect, GSM Gateway

  • For gateways between VoIP, ISDN and GSM


  • GEMAXX Communications has established interconnections with currently 60 international carriers

  • Connection of partners own carriers and providing for all other platform users only

  • Choice between GEMAXX routing or self-routing


  • Low entry costs by different pricing models or rental basis

  • Extensive product and service offering

  • Low rates / high quality

  • GEMAXX serviced or self-routing

  • Flexible input options

  • Business under own brand

  • Our content solutions you do not need expensive service employees

  • Online Calling, and cash cards


As a partner you can choose between two pricing models

Reseller self router w/o WL

  • Entry fee once
  • Full Customer Management System (CMS) access
  • Carrier EK prices
  • Minimum sales (at low conversions)

Reseller White-Label Version/ Private Label

  • Entry fee once
  • Hosting fees
  • 5 Domains
  • 5 Numbers
  • 1x Webdesign
  • 20 x remote control support per 30 min.
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Carrier EK prices
  • Minimum sales (at low conversions)

Contents & Products

Premium Partner Service

in 7 days for our partner online and telephone direct support including monitoring of the partner customer account 49.90 per month

Service & Support

Level one Support (7 days service, carrier control, quality statistics, credit control, customer management)

399,00 Euro/ per month net up 30 customers

599,00 Euro/ per month net up 50 customers

999,00 Euro/ per month net up 200 customers

Remote control & Support

(Billing software support, Agfeo and Elmeg telephone systems configuration, price lists, update prefixes, VoIP configuration and programming)

24,00 Euro per month per customer (24/30= 0,80 Euro per Day)

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