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You want to operate a call shop or are already operator of one or more call shops? You place great value on the best quality and cheapest rates for your customers? Then you are right with us because we combine excellent technology, reasonable prices and personalized support. Success only comes to who is competitive. Our mission is to provide you benefits. Because your success is our success.

Fair prices

First 10 seconds free

Faire 1/1 timing

7 days Service and Support

Premium Quality Guaranteed

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  • Top Quality at the Best prices
  • The first 10 seconds free to all countries
  • Settlement in a fair 1/1 sec timing
  • No hidden costs and fees
  • Premium Quality Guaranteed
  • 7 days Service and Support
  • Accounting software free

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If VoIP or ISDN,we connect all with us!!

We connect your call shop via our platform to the GEMAXX Communicatios pipeline network and assure you attractive purchase prices for the highest possible margin and satisfied customers.

Because You are important to us!!

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Um die Preislisten anschauen zu können, füllen Sie bitte das nachstehende Formular aus und Sie erhalten sofort eine E-Mail
um unsere günstigen Preislisten einsehen zu können!

VoIP - the communications technology of the future

VoIP worldwide - GEMAXX Communictaions spreads his concept of VoIP Worldwide further. Companies and call shops anywhere around the world can benefit from the amazing offers. Cheap prices, highest quality and total freedom - our VoIP service you can use from any Internet connection anywhere in the world.

Of course, businesses and call shops in Germany are also able to make calls via VoIP. During initial installation we are like to help, the billing software You get even for free! Even if You are convinced of our tempting offers, you can give us a call or send us an email.

We may at any time inform about further details. Do not forget - our offers are valid for any entrepreneur and call shop operators around the world - whether Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.

Cheap phone calls with Call-by-call at GEMAXX Communications

For landline customers who have a phone line from Deutsche Telekom, we offer cheap call-by-call talks on the pipeline network of GEMAXX Communications.

Local calls, long distance calls, calls to mobile customers and international calls to lead as low. Of course you can also use for sending a fax call-by-call services.

Use of call-by-call by (010..) Pre-code

Prior to any phone number starting with "0", landline customers can choose the area code of a call-by-call provider. Only after the entry of this pre-code followed by the telephone number of the caller. The amount due is not attached to this account of the Dt. Telekom separately fed through GEMAXX Communications by direct debit. Call-by-call connections can be used by Deutsche Telekom, even if a pre-selection was made (fixed default). Registration with GEMAXX Communications is required.

GEMAXX Communications preselection

In contrast to calls by call-by-call pre-selection customers need to dial no pre-code (010). Because the phone connections via GEMAXX Communications are pre-fixed to the telephone line of German Telekom. All telephone calls (excluding special numbers) by preselection will be guided through the telephone network with the telephone tariff of over GEMAXX Communications cable network, although the telephone connection at the German Telekom remains. For registration with GEMAXX Communications is necessary and you also get a separate bill from here GEMAXX Communications.

The provider change is quite simple.

Fill out the Call Shop order form, fax or email us these including your trade license.
You will soon receive a call from our new customers department and our technicians do everything else remotely or suburb.
After this change, you will receive an activation confirmation including your access to the Customer Control Panel.

Interest in changing?

    To do this, simply fill out the following order form by hand or directly in the PDF document and fax it back to the following number:

    Fax: +49 (0) 281 / 163 30 31

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If you want to take advantage of our attractive rates and benefits, but can not find a way around all by yourself, our consultants are happy to help and walk with you step by step through the sign up process.

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