IVR system - Interactive Voice Response

What is an IVR or voice menu?

IVR is a speech dialog system for IP telephone systems, which helps companies to save on personnel costs. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and is used in telecommunications systems to provide routine information or to offer an efficient customer service . The possibilities that this speech dialog system for a PABX offers but are much more diverse . How are redirects to the employees responsible , authorizations of callers using PIN request , reservations and orders , etc. possible about the language menu a device equipped with IVR IP PBX. IVR systems are software-controlled and capable of a plurality of clients to use the same time. A big advantage for customers and for companies is the ability to offer this service a week 24 hours a day and 7 days. In addition, the language menu for the customer is intuitive to use. It only requires a touch-tone phone and offers the advantage of the customer by making misleading überladende menus with sophisticated graphics surface to confuse.

Individual voice prompts improve customer relationships

The announcements by the IVR system can be made by Prompts (recorded announcements). This dispenses the caller expensive ornate reading of texts and instructions and guidance of the menu is through the use of language to an intuitive and natural process.

Advantages of GEMAXX IVR system

  • PBX functions: hold, swap, forward, etc.
  • Routing functions: with route plans, you can determine at what time, date, and by how many times the ringing calls are forwarded.
  • Parallel Ringing: On request it rings in parallel or on different phones. Whether on landline, mobile or IP phone
  • Busy lamp field (BLF): Watch on your IP phone, who is on the phone, or pick up calls from other employees directly to your phone by pressing a button.
  • Voicemail: You will receive your voice messages in your mailbox simply by e-mail.
  • Electronic Fax: receiving and sending faxes in PDF format by e-mail.


  • No ISDN longer necessary: the telephone system is in the cloud and is easily accessible via the Internet.
  • Cheap rates per minute: already calls from 1 cent per minute or request a flat rate into the German fixed and / or mobile network can be booked.
  • No expensive investment required in hardware. Make calls on a softphone or order IP phones or cell phones cheap at us.
  • Calls in ISDN voice quality


With Fax2Mail we derive our customers faxes to e-mail more quickly and easily. It saves customers to use a separate fax machine.

We switch up a special number in the local network of the customer, which serves him as a fax number. The sent faxes to this number are now on an intermediary in our fax server. There they will converted to a pdf file and forwarded to e-mail address of the customer - quickly and easily.

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