Calling Cards

Calling card platform for Resellers

GEMAXX Communications Calling Card platform provides each reseller the possibility to generate their own calling cards.

From the design of the card to the finished working calling card, our system provides you everything what you need today to create an effective calling card.

Our Calling Card Platform provides you

Basic Functions

  • Local and 0800 freephone dial-in numbers
  • Infinity serial number and pin generation
  • Free timing & price design
  • Special Options

Special Services

  • Creation of an individual card layouts
  • Bulk access number System
  • Arranging a calling card printing agency
  • Customer Support Hotline
  • Creating your own IVR prompts

Call Through & Callback method

Call Through is always interesting when Call-by-call is not possible - for example, for consumers who are not customers of Deutsche Telekom. In Callthrough you dial a free 0800 number or a local landline numbers from our system. The account now checks whether enough credit and a valid price list is stored. If all checks succeed, the call is forwarded to your desired party and you can call super low worldwide.

Callback is an alternative solution to the call through method. With Callback customer calls whitch do not have a fixed-Flat. With Callback you call a free 0800 number or a local landline numbers from our system and hear a busy signal. Now, our system automatically calls you back and connects you to your desired participants abroad. In callback, should be noted however that both connections will be billed to your account. Once the connection to your landline or mobile phone and the connection to your desired participants abroad.

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GEMAXX Communications hosted Calling Cards

Whether abroad or domestic, with our calling cards, you can reduce your phone bill significantly. Each card has its own peculiarity.

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